Bhutan, located in the Eastern Himalayas, is a hidden gem with stunning landscapes, vibrant cultural heritage, and a commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Prioritizing Gross National Happiness over economic growth, Bhutanese people offer warm hospitality and immerse themselves in their rich traditions. The country offers scenic hikes, treks, and visits to monasteries, while offering adventure activities like white-water rafting and camping. For tranquility, wellness retreats and meditation are available. Bhutan’s vibrant festivals, known as tshechus, bring communities together and promote sustainable tourism.

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Ema Datshi

Jash Maroo

Phaksha Paa

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When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

Bhutan’s climate and altitude vary, with distinct seasons. The best time to visit is from March to May, with beautiful weather, vibrant flowers, and festivals like Paro and Punakha Tshechu. From September to November, the Himalayan peaks offer stunning views and unique cultural experiences with festivals like Thimphu Tshechu and Wangduephodrang Tshechu.

Cities to Visit in Bhutan


Thimphu, the capital of the country (previously called Thimbu) is undoubtedly the first place to visit in Bhutan. Situated towards the western-central region of the country and on the banks of the gushing Raidak River, this city is dotted with scenic views and mountain peaks that reach 2,000-3,800m. A city that showcases the indigenous cultures and traditions of Bhutan in the most splendid ways, Thimphu also boasts of being the commercial centre of this happy kingdom. The official residence of Bhutan’s royal family, this beautiful city has an abundance of luxury stay options, tourist attractions and other modern facilities.

Places to Visit

The Buddha Dordenma

Motithang Takin reserve

Voluntary Artists’ Studio Thimphu



A city studded with glorious history and numerous sacred sites, Paro Valley is often revered as the ‘Last Shangri-La’ on earth! One of the most wonderful places to visit in Bhutan, this district is a vibrant mix of natural beauty, rich cultures, semi-modern lifestyle, and colourful traditions. Flaunting its meticulous beauty from the confluence point of Paro Chuu and Wang Chuu rivers to the towering Mt Jomolhari, Paro is the home to the much-acclaimed Taktsang Monastery or the ‘Tiger’s Nest’. To mention here, this valley is also famed for its famous terraced farming and ‘red rice’ cultivation.

Places to Visit

Tiger’s Nest
Haa Valley


The once capital of Bhutan, Punakha Valley is one of the most scenic year-round places to see in Bhutan. Home to Punakha Dzong – The Palace of Great Happiness or Bliss, this Himalayan marvel is seated at a height of 1,200m and proves to be a serene tourist attraction in the entire country. Tucked away amidst Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers, the Punakha Valley is around 3.5 hour drive away from Thimphu and can be easily reached from across the country.

Places to Visit

Punakha Dzong and suspension bridge

Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten

White water rafting

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Six Senses

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