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At All 4 Season we believe in forging partnerships that elevate our customers’ travel experience. Our handpicked properties and companies symbolise luxury and comfort. You can explore a wide variety of hotels and resorts that are sure to make your journey nothing short of extraordinary. From iconic retreats to secluded beachfront paradises, these properties are curated to fulfil each traveller’s desire for sophistication and relaxation.

Shangri La

Shangri La is the pioneer is the Asian hospitality. Their preferred programme called the luxury circle comes with benefits that takes the hospitality to the next level for the customers. With All 4 Season this experience elevates the stay at any Shangri La property across any country. The objective here is to give visitors with a more customised and memorable experience in an unparalleled lifestyle environment that will enrich their lives with comfort, style, and sophistication.

Stars Luminous

Stars Luminous is a preferred partner with All 4 Season to providing a hands-on experience of luxury and extravagant hotels and resorts. Stars Luminous understands luxury as a sense of belongings and how every customer is treated at Stars Luminous. From rejuvenating spa to unwind to find a balance work life balance to savouring top notch quality of meals. All 4 Season will make sure that this experience elevates your overall experience of travel.

The Leading Hotels

The Leading Hotels of the World is a connoisseur of curated quality with character, exceptional bespoke services and exclusive access for experiences. At All 4 Season having our philosophy inclined with that of The Leading Hotels of the World where we serve with bespoke services to exclusive access for every corner of the world. Such reasons are reason why such affiliations and partnerships are valuable.

Step Accor

Step Accor has a diversified portfolio of properties across the world that appeal to a wide range of audiences in every part of the world, organised into distinct hotel groups. With its many collections, the Step Accor company has something to offer for everyone, just like how All 4 Seasons offers something in every part of the world. Amazing services such as meals, spa treatments, and activities, as well as warm welcome is offered to every client that walks in.

Hyatt Prive

Hyatt is a preferred partner of All 4 Seasons in giving hands-on experiences at luxury and lavish hotels and resorts. Hyatt defines luxury as a sense of belonging, and this is reflected in how each customer is handled. From revitalising spa treatments to finding a work-life balance to enjoying high-quality meals to fun-filled activities. All 4 Season will ensure that this experience enhances your entire trip experience.

Address Hotels Resorts

Address Hotels is a stunning collection of upscale luxury hotels. Address has given the worldwide hotel and service industry a new identity, setting new norms for gracious hospitality and great service. Positioning its marketing as ‘Where life happens’. All 4 Season being a preferred partner with Address Hotels and Resorts, provides guests with a more personalised and engaging experience in a premium lifestyle setting, enhancing their lives with luxury, style, and elegance.

Four Seasons

Experience the pinnacle of opulence at Four Seasons, one of the world’s leading luxury hotel and resort chains. With over 100 hotels and resorts all across the globe, Four Seasons redefines extravagance. Visit their sumptuous suites adorned with the classiest furnishings and savour their Michelin starred cuisine prepared by world renowned chefs. You can also rejuvenate your senses by indulging in their world class spas. Visit Four Seasons today and pamper yourself with world class luxury.

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts

Experience the pinnacle of extravagance at Jumeirah, one of the world’s premier luxury hotel and resort brands. Jumeirah manages a world-class portfolio of 26 properties, including beachside resorts, metropolitan hotels, and luxury serviced homes across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Visit their spacious rooms with the most elegant décor and sample their Michelin-starred food cooked by world-renowned chefs. You may also revitalise your senses by visiting their world-class spas. Visit Jumeirah now to treat yourself with world-class luxury.

Preferred Hotels & Resorts

The Preferred Hotels and Resorts has a diverse portfolio of properties across the globe to cater to wide range of audiences in every corner of the world. With different collections the Preferred group has to offer is something that inclines with the philosophy of All 4 Season. All 4 Season has something to offer in every corner of the world with exceptional services like meals, spa and activities with great hospitality to every customer that walks in.

Dorchester collection

The Dorchester is a boutique collection by the Diamond Club Their philosophy is all about care with exceptional properties and unique experiences. The motto and philosophy of the properties is the culturing of taking care with respect and passion. The handful collection of the diamond club ensure that they serve luxury and elegance with the ensuring with the top-notch hospitality to their customers. With All 4 Season this experience will surely be seamless
and best of all.

IHG one Rewards

The InterContinental Hotels Group offers a diverse portfolio of hotels throughout the globe which cater to a broad spectrum of consumers in every region, divided into separate hotel groups. The InterContinental Hotels Group has plenty to offer to suit everyone with its various collections, just like All 4 Seasons does in every region of the world. Every client that goes in is greeted warmly and provided with amazing amenities such as meals, wellness services, and experiences.

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